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How to Increase Semen Volume?

Trying to figure out the method to increase the semen volume?

Remember, a low volume of semen can impact the sexual performance and confidence of men. Fortunately, you can use volume enhancers for semen. These may naturally improve the volume of semen produced in the body.

Several men desire to increase the quality and volume of semen. Remember, the volume of semen is essential for the intensity of orgasms. The volume and quality of semen may become a confidence booster and increase the pleasure of your partner. Healthy semen may be whitish-gray or white. You may ejaculate almost 1.5 milliliters and 5 milliliters of semen (1/4 teaspoon – 1 teaspoon). It is a sticky blend of seminal fluids and sperm with different nutrients and water.

Factors for Healthy Sperm

In the fertility of males, healthy sperm is an essential factor. If you want to conceive, you have to improve sperm’s quality by selecting the best foods.

Here are some markers indicating the health of sperm:

  • Sperm Count

    Sperm quality is easy to determine by evaluating the concentration of sperm cells.

  • Sperm Motility

    Remember, motility means movement, and sperm cells should have the ability to swim to access and egg for fertilization.

  • Sperm Morphology

    The average shape and size of sperm cells becomes a tester of fertility.

  • Semen Volume

    Remember, semen is necessary to transport sperm cells through the female’s reproductive tract.

Why Is Semen Volume Important?

A sufficient semen volume is necessary for the transportation of sperm into the reproductive tract of the females. It allows the fertilization of the ocyte. The volume of seminal fluid is an essential part of semen analysis for infertility investigation in men.

With the increase in the production of semen in testicles, you need extra muscle contraction for ejaculation. The increase in contractions proves helpful in boosting your sexual pleasure. You will get intense orgasms with a rise in semen volume. With an increase in the volume of semen, you will get a powerful erection. Moreover, your sex drive will increase with arousal.

  • Composition of Semen

    Semen is a fusion of fluid and sperms from different glands, such as the prostate. The fluid contains amino acids, citric acid, enzymes, phosphorylate, enzymes, potassium, zinc, and prostaglandin.

Some changes in diet, lifestyle, and hormone, a few minerals may improve and harm the semen’s taste.

How to Increase Semen Volume?

Several factors can impact the volume of semen, such as heredity and age. It doesn’t mean that you are unable to increase the volume of semen. Dehydration may be an essential factor in the volume of semen. Make sure to drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration.

Here are some essential tips to increase the volume of semen:

  • Method 01: Drink Sufficient Water

    The semen released during orgasm may be related to the ingested fluid volume. Remember, semen is based on water, and fluid proves helpful to lubricate the path of sperm. Your body needs 2 – 3 liters of water daily.

    By drinking fluid, you can increase your ejaculation. Feel free to drink water after work and before your intimate relationship with your partner. Avoid using alcohol because it can damage your ejaculation. Alcohol may dehydrate your body and decrease sperm count. Moreover, it is not suitable for the quality of sperm.

  • Method 02: Prevent Heat

    Your penis is delicate like a flower; therefore, excessive heat can severely impact it. For this reason, testicles are outside of the human body. These are outside of your body to maintain a lower temperature, such as 98.6 °F.

    It is essential to avoid long rides in vehicles with steamy shifts in the steam/sauna room and heated seats. You should not sacrifice your mini-mes because of heat. Try to keep these critical organs away from heat.

    The body may increase cortisol levels directly related to the levels of testosterone. If you want to increase seminal fluid, make sure to control your anxiety levels and stress.

  • Method 03: Underwear is Important

    You should not wear tight underwear. Remember, the ideal temperature for sperm and semen is lower than the normal temperature of the body. Tight underwear may increase your scrotal temperature and decrease semen and sperm levels.

    Your underwear can impact the bedroom performance and seminal fluid. Tight underwear may increase the heat of genitals and decrease sperm motility or production. Try to wear loose underwear. If you are at home, there is no need to wear anything. Before purchasing new underwear, try to buy one size bigger. It will help you to stimulate seminal volume.

  • Method 04: Avoid Putting Laptops on Lap

    The heat from the laptop may interfere in motility and per rates. You can put your notebook on a desk or table instead of your lap. If you want to keep your laptop on lap, keep it away from testes. Remember, smoking, drinking, and using a laptop may impact your chances of growing sperm motility and volume.

  • Method 05: Don’t Cross Your Legs

    You should not sit with legs crossed because it may impact your semen and sperm volume to an extent. By squeezing the scrotal region against your warm body, you can increase its temperature. Remember, this posture can disturb fluid production in your body.

    Before sitting in your office or home, you have to ensure sufficient space between legs. It must permit air to pass and maintain the temperature of the scrotum.

  • Method 06: Avoid Orgasm

    The human body can produce sperms at a fantastic rate, such as 1,500 in each second. It may be equal to 130 – 200 million cells of sperm daily. At the time of orgasm, you can lose a massive portion of sperms. You have to wait to increase their number. Try to abstain from orgasm for 1 – 2 days to maintain your sperm count.

  • Method 07: Take Folic Acid and Zinc

    Zinc is vital for your body to improve cellular metabolism. Along with folic acid, zinc can increase almost 74% sperm count in men with fertility issues. Feel free to take almost 15 mg of zinc sulfate and 1 mg of folic acid.

  • Method 08: Avoid Soda

    Soda has lots of fructose corn syrup, and it is not good for the liver. It is not suitable for your essential organ. By avoiding soda, you can improve your sperm count by over 30%.

  • Method 09: Same Posture and Long Travels

    When traveling or working in an office, you may not work for a longer duration. It may damage the swimming ability of sperms. Moreover, it decreases seminal fluid with time. You can walk for almost 30 minutes a day. Try to keep your body moving and make healthy food choices. It will help you to maintain healthy bedroom practices.

  • Method 10: Try Particular Amino Acids

    Amino acids become building blocks of proteins. With these organic compounds, you can boost levels of sperms. Particular amino acids are available in huge quantities in sperms. To boost ejaculation, you will need L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, and L-Lysine.

  • Method 12: Consume Lots of Vegetables and Fruits

    Your diet must include lots of vegetables and fruits. Try to eat food with lots of antioxidants. These things are suitable to improve the quality and life of sperm.

    Other than increasing ejaculation, foods with antioxidants may keep you healthy. Feel free to consume coconut water, red beans, prunes, cranberries, blackberries, and wild blueberries.

  • Method 13: Regular Exercises for PC Muscles

    These are known as Kegel exercises. PC (pubococcygeus) muscle may host functions for both genders. It can head off premature ejaculation and promote prostate health. They prove instrumental in prolonging the orgasm and increasing ejaculation.

  • Method 14: Quit Smoking

    Smoking is dangerous for your sexual health. It is an important reason to quit smoking. With the help of smoking, you can decrease your sperm count. Moreover, it may increase the rate of imperfection in sperm.

    If expecting fathers to smoke, they may have a child with several medical issues. You have to provide a smoke-free environment for mothers. Moreover, avoid marijuana smoking entirely. It is dangerous for both sperm count and testosterone.

  • Method 15: Manage Stress

    To increase your ejaculation, it is essential to manage your stress. A stressful life may increase risk factors because stress hormones interfere with tests’ ability to produce testosterone. Remember, testosterone is responsible for the production of sperm.

    Moreover, stress may increase the chances of blemishes and acne on the face. Stress can be responsible for heart diseases like heart attack and angina. You may have insomnia if you fail to control your stress.

    Physical exercise is necessary to increase your sperm count. Feel free to involve yourself in your favorite physical activity, such as court kicks, football spikes, soccer cleats, etc.

  • Method 16: Safe Sex Becomes Necessary

    Safe sex is essential for the help of your sexual organs. Some sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, may increase infertility. Make sure to use appropriate protection. You can engage in a mutually faithful relationship with a reliable person.

  • Method 17: Weight Loss

    Obese people may have cardiovascular issues. These problems can impact the procedure involved in ejaculation. They may have erectile dysfunction and low-quality sperm. In overweight people, hormonal imbalances may decrease semen volumes.

    Remember, obesity can increase the chances of diabetes and other issues. It is essential to maintain your BMIs for higher concentrations and sperm volumes.

  • Method 18: Eat Food Items with Antioxidants

    Remember, oxidative stress may decrease semen volume and sperm count. It is an essential reason for low sperm count and semen volumes. If you want to improve semen production, try to eat healthy food items with antioxidants.

    Try to keep your blood free from chemicals to avoid oxidative stress. It will help you to keep your sperms healthy and manage semen. See the list of food items loaded with antioxidants:

With some lifestyle changes, it will be easy for you to increase semen volume. Fortunately, you can increase sperm count with some supplements and exercises.

Here are some important practices:

Decrease Frequency of Ejaculation

Try to decrease the frequency of ejaculation to retain more semen. Sexual active adults can take a break for 3 to 4 days. It helps your body to produce sufficient semen and increase its volume.

Don’t Ignore Vitamins

Vitamins are responsible for your wellbeing. Your body needs vitamins to maintain the healthof nerves and cell division. Moreover, these play an essential role in the production of semen. Feel free to take Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B-12. These are essential components of semen.

These play an essential role in increasing the quality of sperm. Try to increase the consumption of milk and eggs, mushrooms, seafood, citrus fruits, and cheese.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, some modifications in your lifestyle may make a huge difference to seminal fluid. These things are beneficial for your sex life. With these changes, you have to control your orgasm.

Feel free to take natural supplements because these can boost your fluid. These safe and natural supplements can stimulate the reproductive system of males. For the best results, you have to combine a healthy diet, physical exercise, and natural supplements.

Your diet must have plenty of vegetables and fruits. It will encourage the quality of sperm. A healthy diet will positively impact your ejaculation. Foods with nutrients can make you feel happy and healthy. Vitamin D supplements can improve the motility of sperm and testosterone.

Make sure to increase egg yolks, cheese, beef liver, oily fish, fortified milk, and mushroom in your diet. If you have serious issues, make sure to consult experts. They can help you with lifestyle changes in a better way.