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The Definitive Guide: How to Increase Ejaculation Distance & Amount

Ideally, males can cum anywhere between 2 – 5  mL. If you can cum more than that, you are truly blessed! Or you keep a healthy diet and a sober lifestyle. If you are not naturally blessed, there is some good news for you; stop searching for how to increase ejaculation. After our take on how to increase ejaculation volume, you will see the difference.

The best way is to stop thinking about how to increase ejaculation volume. We do not discourage the use of supplements or medicines. However, we do not encourage them, as well. The reason behind this is that not enough research evidence exists to consider the ultimate problem solvers.

Ejaculation – Brief Introduction

If you are reading this, you already know what it is. Maybe you know it by other names, but you know the meaning of it. You are here because you want to increase ejaculation. In simpler terms, ejaculation means the release of semen through the penis. This is experienced by males when they orgasm. Typically, the amount of semen released by a man is considered a clear indicator of how healthy his reproductive systems are.

It is common knowledge that men start cumming at an early age when they discover masturbating. As they grow older and start having sexual relationships, the importance of how much they ejaculate becomes more critical. The reason behind it is that the more a guy will ejaculate, the more pleasurable it will be for him. In other words, the whole experience of sex will be on another level.

Why Is It Important To Improve Ejaculation?

  • Testosterone level

    It is the one thing that you must be concerned about if you want a great sex life. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for metabolism, muscle growth, and hair growth.

    It is the manliest thing you have in your body. This is because it controls your libido, stamina, and the amount of semen that you discharge. This hormone is also responsible when you feel horny.

    Improving your ejaculation will most certainly mean that your testosterone levels are going up. It will not only increase ejaculation volume but also help your body to function correctly. For instance, your muscles will be healthier, and hair growth will be better.

  • Semen Volume Determines Fertility

    This guide is essential for you as well if you are more serious than just having a great sexual experience. Ejaculation leads to fertility chances. That is right. Men who want to start a family and have kids, need the semen fertility to be great to make this happen.

    Studies have shown that quantity does matter here. The more cum a man ejaculates during sex, the better chances for the woman to get pregnant. It is a clear indication that to increase ejaculation; males will adopt a healthier lifestyle. This will lead to better semen production.

    So, if you do not want to disappoint your partner when you want to start having kids, it is better to engage in ejaculation, increasing practice beforehand.

  • Your Woman Wants It

    You usually see it in porn that women have a taste for cum, and they do like it. Let us tell you it is NOT true. Being in a healthy sexual relationship, any woman can have this desire and develop a taste for your cum. It is perfectly natural, and it is not harmful to swallow cum.

    It is highly attractive to have a more than average cum volume. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only about the size of the penis but also about how you use it to determine your sexual experiences. Women want it. And the more, the merrier.

    If not for your own sake, do it for your partner. You will not regret it.

  • It Makes You Look Manlier

    The male ego is real and one of the universal things on earth. In their eyes, every man is the best lover their women have ever had. Apart from the penis size, this is another factor that males can boast about.

    Some men have the natural ability to cum a lot. One man was reported to shoot is semen up to 6 feet away during ejaculation! This only tells that the male body CAN do such stuff if it is being handled well.

    Learning how to ejaculate more helps you get masculinity in your personality. Everyone knows that the more you cum, the better the sex was. Moreover, women feel that they were kind enough to make you ejaculate more. It helps you look manlier in the eyes of the ladies. Don’t wait up! Start living healthy now.

  • Feel of Masculine

    It is an understood thing. Men have been boasting about their sex lives since the beginning of time. If it is not for others, performing well in bed and satisfying women – who can take up to 3 times longer to reach an orgasm, is quite an accomplishment.

    If you increase ejaculation, the practice of satisfying women will be more comfortable. A lot of women find it incredibly hot when their partners can ejaculate more than others. If you have a better-than-others ejaculation volume, it will make sex more pleasurable for you both.

    Better sex leads to better orgasms. Seeing a woman orgasm because of you is the manliest moment you can encounter. It makes you more of a man in bed.

  • Feel of Young

    It is a young man’s game. Males aged 15 to 35 years of age are in the best shape to ejaculate more. Once you are past this age, it takes extra effort to keep up with the women. But you do not have to worry anymore.

    You can feel young when you start cumming like you used to do. It is better to learn how to ejaculate without medicines as it is a healthier approach towards it. If you increase ejaculation volume, both you and your lover will see the difference. This might just be the boost you were looking for in your sex life.

  • Your Women Feel You Are Real

    Yes, you are the real deal if you can cum good. And the women do notice this. As discussed earlier, the amount of semen ejaculated by the males during orgasm is a thing of ego for many guys. If you are good at it, it is also a point that males like to boast about. The better their cum is, the manlier they feel.

    This confidence is manifested by their personality and is a great way to attract women. It is a known fact that women, on average, last longer than men in bed. This is because a man can cum within a minute or two. However, studies have found that it takes a good 20 minutes for a woman to orgasm.

    Therefore, it is a great skill to build control in bed to match your partner’s timing of orgasm. Many men still fail to keep up. And women understand this. But that doesn’t mean you cannot impress your woman in other ways.

The better you ejaculate, the more impressed women will be as all men cannot do that. You will come off as manlier than others. So, to sweep your lady love off her feet, it is important to put on a good show in bed. Increase ejaculation volume and see your woman return the favor!

Reason for Less Ejaculation volume

Before discussing increasing the ejaculation volume, it is vital to know about the reasons for less ejaculation volume. It is as important as knowing how to increase ejaculation amount and how to increase ejaculation volume.

To increase ejaculation, there are some things you have to eat and do. On the other hand, there are also some things that you need to let go of. Studies have shown that unhealthy eating and sleeping habits contribute greatly towards a bad ejaculation.

Let us have a look at what factors become the reason for less ejaculation volume:

  • Water intake

    It is the one thing that you must be concerned about if you want a great sex life. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for metabolism, muscle growth, and hair growth.

    It is the manliest thing you have in your body. This is because it controls your libido, stamina, and the amount of semen that you discharge. This hormone is also responsible when you feel horny.

    Improving your ejaculation will most certainly mean that your testosterone levels are going up. It will not only increase ejaculation volume but also help your body to function correctly. For instance, your muscles will be healthier, and hair growth will be better.

  • Diet & Nutrition

    Sexologists around the world agree on one thing; what you eat and drink determines your cum. If your eating habits are not healthy – you do not take enough protein and fiber diet. It will affect the ejaculation volume severely.

    The secret to increasing ejaculation is simple; practice a balanced diet. Body nutrition is essential in enjoying healthy sex life. If your diet is fast food and soda drinks, you cannot hope to achieve a good ejaculation in bed.

    It is a real turn off for the women. It is also a stressful thing not to be able to enjoy your orgasm correctly. The more you ejaculate, the more pleasurable the orgasm will be. It is time to give up on junk food and diet that contains fatty ingredients.

  • Age

    The age factor cannot be neglected. The male body produces semen at its peak during the mid-30s. As you grow older, you need to exercise a better lifestyle to increase ejaculation volume. With age, it will also be essential to learn about how to increase ejaculation distance as it becomes less and less after 35.

    You cannot win against time. But you can prolong the effectiveness of your cum if you follow the things which will be discussed later in this increase ejaculation guide. Men have known to have great ejaculations in their 40s by carefully following some of the essentials.

    There is nothing much that you can do about genetics. It is just bad luck if your genetics does not support intense ejaculations. However, by following the practices mentioned in this guide, you can increase ejaculation volume.

    The downside is that you have to work harder than others. But it will be worth it. Nothing feels better than to ejaculate more than you used to do – that too, without any medicine or supplements.

  • Arousal Level

    You can get easily judged on how sexy and healthy you are by determining how much of semen can you release. It is the game of mind since the mind performs a crucial role in releasing the semen from the body through your penis. The more quantity means the more pleasure of orgasm.

    The excitement of having your first time or the charm of doing it in a new place or little activities from her matters the most because it can increase the release by 100% more.

  • The Time Between Orgasms

    It’s very clear that the longer you restrict yourself from doing masturbation, The more fluid you will release. If daily masturbation can decrease the quantity of your semen, then not doing it for a few days might help you increase your cum-shots numbers.

    You can try and not have sex or do masturbation for a week, and then after it, you’ll feel the difference in pleasure while having orgasms. Having a break for two days or four days can really improve your semen’s throw, and if it’s taking more than that, then you might have to consult a doctor because things are not looking good for you, especially.

  • Sleeping Habits

    Most people think that sleep could be the last possible solution in the increasing volume of ejaculation, but it’s not true. Infact, having a good sleep increases your testosterone and helps your body in making cells, and it’s reproduction. If you slept at night and didn’t wake up with a morning wood, then you need to sleep more.
    Overall Health (non-smoker, drinker)

    This is something that actually deals with the lifestyle of a person. There are several studies that reveal that when you smoke daily, the level of testosterone in your body decreases. You won’t survive more than 6-8seconds because it affects your timing as well.

    For drinkers, Drinking can affect your liver adversely, which means lower production of estrogen and lower quantity of estrogen means the production of testosterone will decrease in your body. It will affect your infertility power and the hardness of your penis.

Increasing Ejaculate the Quick and Easy Way

Now that we know which things to avoid, it is time for you to learn what practices should be adopted to give you that extra juice:

  • Drink fluids

    Fluids are your best friend. Drink healthy and drink as much as you can. The best option is water and fresh juices. Moreover, fluids like pineapple juice can also make your semen taste and smell good!

  • Keep The Heat Away

    Heat is your enemy. Longer periods in heat tends to decrease the sperm count in men. Always try to stay in a cool atmosphere. Moreover, wear light clothes on your lower body to avoid additional heat in your scrotum area.

  • Avoid Wearing Tight Underwear

    These are not for you. As much as they are uncomfortable to wear, they have devastating effects on your sperm count. Wearing tight underwear can lead to less ejaculation volume.

  • Avoid Sitting With Your Legs Crossed

    It is a big no. Let us leave this pose to the ladies. This is because sitting in this position does not allow the blood flow towards your reproductive system. More extended periods of sitting in this position lead to inadequate erections and less ejaculation volume

  • Abstain From Orgasm (for A Day or Two)

    Yes, this is the easiest and effective way to increase ejaculation. If you have sex or masturbate daily, it is better to take a day or two off. It might be frustrating for you, but trust us, it will be worth it. Ejaculating after a gap of a couple of days results in a higher amount of ejaculation.

Increasing Ejaculation Volume with Fruits and Vegetables

  • Banana

    This fruit is shaped like a banana and is full of Magnesium, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin C. One of the best fruits to improve the count of sperm. The fruit also has Bromeliad, which improves the sex hormones as well.

    Banana is, therefore, considered as one of the best fruit to boost your body. Gym instructors prescribe to consume banana shake after and before the gym because of its enrichment in Magnesium.

  • Spinach

    One of the reasons why doctors ask you to eat green vegetables is for its enriched behavior of vitamins. Spinach has folic acid, which is highly beneficial for the growth of sperm volume.

    The sperms which are of less folic acid nature, tend to have difficulty to reach the egg and impregnate the women. You don’t want to feel bad for yourself. So, try this and give your sperms enough energy and make your girl sex appealing towards you.

  • Goji Berries

    Chinese believe that these berries can increase the volume of your sperm by 50%; thus, they insist their male gym guys use these berries. These berries will improve the quality of your sperm and keep the body temperature accordingly. You can expect the optimal level of protection of your sperms from daily usage of Goji Berries.

  • Garlic

    Garlic is another source of attaining more volume in ejaculation. This keeps us on the verge of wanting more from nature. Doctors suggest consuming garlic more in the food just to improve testosterone in your body.

  • Tomatoes

    Tomatoes contain lycopene, an amazing anti-oxidant that gives you a lot of health benefits. Improving your semen volume is one of them. This gives a boost to fertility and helps the consumer to fetch good results; A better sex time.

  • Pomegranate

    Pomegranate is famous for it’s fantastic taste and properties of having minerals. But do you know that this fruit can increase your testosterone very quickly? It contains punicalagin, which are strong oxidants and help the body in sexual matters.

  • Broccoli

    Since we’ve been talking about different vegetables and fruits that show promising results in increasing ejaculation, Broccoli is here for the same reason. Apart from the several vitamins, it contains, It is also enriched with bioactive compounds.

    These bioactive compounds are, therefore, the source of improving testosterone levels in the body, thus improving ejaculation and it’s throw.

  • Kiwi

    Kiwi is a fruit loved by all for it’s amazing taste. It contains a lot of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and Folate. Folate helps the body in increasing semen quality and volume.

Increasing Ejaculation without Supplements

  • Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

    Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables is the best way to improve ejaculation. Your body will receive several vitamins and will act accordingly. So, This is one of the cheapest yet an effective way to increase your semen volume and penis size as well. You will forget all your other worries once you start taking daily intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Always Try To Be Stress-free

    Stressing a lot can affect your body adversely in several ways. Sexologists suggest that if you are thinking of having good sex with your woman, then don’t take any stress at least 2 days before you start digging holes.

    You have to keep your body at your best before wanting any kind of sexual attraction and contact.This will keep your testosterone active, and you will have a good bedtime with your girl.

  • Consume Zinc

    Most people believe that zinc is very effective for orgasm and they are right. Zinc helps your body to ejaculate more semen and it improves the quality of semen as well. You must consume things that are rich in Zinc.

  • Do Some Useful Exercise Like Kegels

    Exercise is the best way to harden your boner. Your penis will grow strong, causing a hard sexual interaction and will give your girl enough pleasure. So, try leaving masturbation for a few days and start concentrating on doing exercises like Kegels, which can improve your pelvic bones and ejaculation volume as well.

  • Lifestyle Changes

    Your lifestyle is what speaks for your sexual life as well. Try attaining a good lifestyle which can help your body to rejuvenate it’s semen quality and increase your throw. Intake milk regularly and drink shakes after your gym time. Try investing your money on your health rather than spending on girls. A good girl will never leave you if you’re good at bed as well. So, Do the right thing now and change your fate.

Increasing Ejaculation with Supplements


If you don’t want to have a weak orgasm, then switching towards supplements is another option. Semenax is a well-known brand that helps your body to have longer sex time and increase the motility of your sperms. Sperms must need to be good in thickness and quality because they will run towards the egg and will be the cause of pregnancy.

Semenax is totally a herbal product and does not have any side effects. Another thing that sets this product apart from other pills like Viagra is that it’s effect is for a longer period and that too without adding any chemical drug in your body.

You can use this product and expect your wife to come to you and tells you that she’s expecting.

Volume Pills

Another product that is worth discussing here is the Volume Pills. These pills are wholely made from herbs and do not have any adverse effects on your body. These will richer your experience of orgasm and comes with a 67- day money-back guarantee.

There is no way that these pills don’t show promising results because the ingredients used in the pills are very healthy and give strength to your body and improves your semen ejaculation.

You are good at making decisions now. Follow these instructions and remind us in your prayers. No worries.