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The Ultimate Guide To Cum More Naturally

With the ever-increasing addiction of watching porn, guys have now been addicted to wondering how to cum more, and when they fail to do so, they undergo feeling dissatisfied with their sex life. This distress and fear of failure can render some severe effects on their sex performance. It is one of the less common desires of men to have better than the most semen ejaculated after sexual activity. The reason is simple folks, the more, the merrier.

Every sexually active guy knows this for a fact that better sex leads to better cum. And better cum increases the satisfaction level.

So, every time we watch porn stars shooting big loads of cum, we wonder how we can do that? How can we cum more? And our childlike wonder is searching for answers!

 For that let us weigh in some scientific viewpoint as well on how to cum more well, according to WHO (World Health Organization), men frequently ejaculate about 0.8 milliliters to 7.5 milliliters and making an average of 3 milliliters to 5 milliliters. And these numbers can vary depending on the age factor and health status of an individual.

The Detailed Guidelines For A Better Sexual Life

Male porn stars have a lot more going on than what you see in the videos, to have healthy ejaculation cycles, porn stars consider several things.

Yes, the secret to Cumming more and reaching new levels of pleasure is out. And we are here to provide you the detailed guidelines towards a better sexual life.

If you want to make your woman woo with your big shots of cum load, I suggest you keep on reading and Pay attention, gentlemen! You are just a few minutes away to unlocking the treasure to increased sexual pleasure. Take notes!

Thing To Consider

The first and foremost thing is your diet. There is no doubt about it. If you want to know how to cum more, now is the time to read about it. A healthy body and mind are the essential requirement of an enhanced sexual experience. If you have not noticed already, look at the physical condition of the porn stars next time. The majority of them are in incredible shape. And now you know why.

For your diet, you need to do the following:

We will see the details later…

The next thing to consider is how you live your life. No, it does not mean how extravagant you are; it indicates how much do you indulge in non-healthy activities. For instance, stop masturbating (or Cumming) too much, take a break. When you have done the above two, the next thing to do is to get in shape. It does require a lot of work folks, but trust us, it is worth it. It will answer the question of how to cum more. So, make sure you engage your body in regular Physical Workout – focus on Exercises that Produce Massive Cumshots.

Plus, practice your Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. It will help you in producing and ejaculating more amount of semen. You need a boost in addition to your efforts. A simple workout will not cut it. You need supplements too. Go for natural semen producing vitamins and make them a part of your diet to increase your chances of achieving a healthier sexual life.

And another tip of trade is to give your body time to recover between orgasms. To reach the peak of your sexual pleasure and to deliver a large volume of cum like your favorite porn stars, follow these fantastic tips and cum more and make your sex life exciting.

The Detailed Guide On How To Cum More

Here are the details of the guide mentioned above about how to cum more.

In addition to these, increase your consumption of the following:

It has to change. Your current laid back, lazy lifestyle will get you nowhere. If you need an out of the world sexual experience, you have to work for it. The best thing about improving your lifestyle is that you can get better in bed without medicine or any supplements. A healthy body is the only requirement for a good sexual experience. It goes like this, if you take care of your body, it will take care of you, especially when it matters the most. Being right in bed is not just talent; it is the result of a healthy lifestyle. It might come as a surprise by the peak age of producing semen for men is from 30-35 years. There is still time! If you think you are too old at 30, think again.

Moreover, it is never too late to start a healthy living. So, to get the best out of life, begin by working for it. To learn how to cum more, start by following these simple steps:

Taking regular exercise is vital for boosting and maintaining semen volume—getting to the gym and lifting some weights is the best way to increase testosterone naturally. If it is your motivation to hit the iron, so be it. Many men want a bigger penis, but there is no healthy way to achieve it. Despite the never-ending ads on porn sites, there is no scientifically approved safe way of increasing the length of the penis. However, men can do something about the amount of cum. They can learn how to cum more using safe and healthy measures.

It is guaranteed that the harder you work in the gym, the longer you can last in bed. Moreover, the amount of cum your shoot during orgasm will increase significantly. Working out increases the efficiency of your bodily functions. The blood becomes good, which results in better erections and cum volume. Moreover, as you build up your muscle, the body does well on working your metabolism and stamina.

It will give you a chance to last longer in bed. Women are always complaining that men do not hold their cum till they reach their orgasm. The reason behind this is premature ejaculation. Men cannot control it when they get too much excited. A regular gym will establish some control over the body. Let us now look at what exercises can be done and learn how to cum more using physical fitness.

First, we have:


Yes, bicycles are a great way to increase your stamina. Riding a bike for one hour can increase your blood flow, metabolism, and muscle strength. However, recent studies have shown that this habit can lead to a better load of cum for men. The idea behind this is that cycling works primarily on your lower body. It also happens to be part of your pelvic muscles. Healthy pelvic muscles and lower body muscles lead to a better sexual experience.


It is all about getting your body in shape. Running or jogging gets your body in a way like no other exercise. Just walking 10,000 steps per day can help you lose weight and tone your abs. Running can do much more. As the body undergoes a complete physical exercise during a run, it is highly recommended that men want their cum to be better. If you want to know how to cum more? The answer is just a jog away.


Okay, we need to clear this - Pilates is not just for women. It is a healthy bodily exercise that has fantastic results. It helps the body to increase metabolism, have endurance, and strengthen muscles. Pilates also helps in proper blood flow. For men, it can lead to stronger erections and more cum during orgasm. It is because the body functions are in a good flow.


No pain, no gain. The reason behind those gym commercials is not just pumping muscles; it is a way of life that must be encouraged. Working out is a sign of a healthy life. Lifting weights is just as important for your sex life as getting your body on the shape. Here is how it works, the more you lift, the more endurance and stamina your body builds up. You have strong muscle memory and muscle control. Lower body exercises like squats help you maintain healthy blood flow in your lower body and learn how to cum more. It helps your pelvic muscles to have increased strength.

In addition to these, use these techniques and methods to enhance your chances of having a massive load of cum for your partner. This could be your trick up the sleeve.

  • Kegel Exercises

    This is important to know. Since it is too easy to do, every man should do it once in a while. So, the Kegel exercises are the ones that strengthen your pelvic muscles. But how can you do it? How to cum more using these exercises? The simplest way is to stop peeing midway. The stretch you feel is your pelvic muscles working. Do this a few times in a day, start with seconds, and increase the time as you advance. Kegel exercises are the best way to improve your sexual performance.

  • Go To The Gym

    As discussed above, hitting the gym is your best chance at achieving both - a healthy life outside and inside the bedroom

  • Penis Pumping

    It is a method that is not natural but helps, nevertheless. Men have been using the penis pumping technique for years. It enables you to get an erection quickly. But it can also help you to get the right amount of load. Penis pumping stimulates the sexual organs and increases blood flow, and you no longer have to search about how to cum more. It results in better cum loads during an orgasm.

  • The Stop-Squeeze Technique

    It is the most trusted and suggested procedure there is. And it does work! If you do not know what it is, this is how it goes. During sex or masturbating, when you are about to climax, stop and squeeze the head of the penis. Let the blood flow slow down n do not cum. When you feel you are not going to orgasm, continue the sexual activity. Repeat this for a couple of times before finally cumming. It results in a much larger load of cum than average. ‘No time will be wasted on how to cum more’ questions. But do not do it for more than 3 or 4 times as it can result in blue balls and you do not want that!

If you take care of the above three things, you are already in an excellent position to have a better semen production than usual. However, there is still something more that you can do to ensure better results.  Some supplements can accelerate the process. With advancements in science, new medicines and supplements are being produced with minimum side effects and maximum efficiency.

Some of the most popular and effective supplements are:

Consider these as boosters to help you reach your goal. Always use safe and healthy products and refrain from substandard items. Supplements are meant to give you additional push; they are not intended to be taken in a higher quantity. Use them with caution, as taking more than the prescribed amount can affect your body negatively.

Our Recommendations

We have a couple of options for you to go to increase your semen. These are world-class products and have a minimum or no side effects. However, you should see a medical specialist as soon as you start experiencing something odd. So, let us look at the two recommended products:


It is a 100% natural semen enhancer. The fact makes it all the more effective and safer to use. Famous sexologists approve the product in the world. The popularity of the product relies on the trust men have on it. Men who cannot experience good orgasms cannot satisfy their partners in bed. The reason behind this is that their body cannot produce or extract semen in a reasonable quantity. It leads to premature ejaculation too. Overall, your sex life is affected severely. But you do not worry about how to cum more.

Semenax is the best thing you can have with you in this regard. It would not be wrong to say that it is a man’s best friend. It increases the volume of the semen; it also helps men to last longer in bed. Moreover, it allows guys to have better control over their ejaculation and cum at the right time when they want it to happen. It is also beneficial for men who are finding it hard to impregnate their wives. Semenax has been known to increase the effectiveness of the semen of men and help the process of pregnancy in females.  It makes the product the best choice for both single and married men.

Furthermore, it has a unique advantage, which men did not think was possible until now. If you have undergone a vasectomy in your life, but now you want to have kids of your own, Semenax can help you do that. If you continuously think about how to cum more, this supplement is your best answer. Semenax believes to increase the cum to about 500%! It is too good to be true. Since the product is 100% herbal, it also improves your entire reproductive system. 

Semenax was the result of long clinical research and very high-quality ingredients. All the time invested in it was worth it because of its massive success with sexually active males. Within a few years, it has become a prominent name among the married couples of the western world. It is one of those few medications that increase men’s virility without posing any threat to their health.

It would not be enough to suggest just one medication for you. Another option that men can go to increase their load of cum is Volume Pills. This product was solely manufactured to answer one question; How to cum more?

Volume Pills

Volume Pills is another popular item on the market that aims to increase the amount of semen in men who have ejaculation problems. It helps in having a better orgasm and last longer in bed. This pill is a game-changer, and it can increase the amount of cum to over 200% and makes the orgasm last longer. In some cases, men have reported to have longer orgasms and enjoy a better experience in bed.

These pills increase the testosterone levels of the body of the males. It helps them to have stronger erections in some cases. The increase in testosterone levels directly affects the amount of semen produce by males.  The muscle contractions increase too, and this results in more robust orgasms. It is a known fact that better sex life depends on good blood flow towards the penis. Good blood flow ensures better and harder erections and thicker cum. It works on all the genital organs of the males and gives a new experience for the men and their partners as well.

It is also essential to explain why these pills are different than the others. In a nutshell, these pills are successful because of the extensive research done on them and the ingredients used to make them, which are not harmful to the human body in any way.

So what are you waiting for! You are saved now. You have hit a jackpot and now you should Try these methods and see the difference for yourself. Enjoy your sex life in a different way now and let your partner feel the difference and pleasure. Just keep in mind that excess of everything is not good for us and everything includes “Sex” as well. Best of luck for your sexual life.

You are welcome!